Scrambled Works has gained immensely from the informative and interactive sessions which keep happening at W2E. Besides being a stellar platform for start-ups and entrepreneurs to connect and grow with like minded individuals and groups, it has helped us a lot in shaping our company from a mere idea to a 4 member team in less than 6 months. We recommend everyone to join W2E, whether you are part of a start-up, an established corporate or a wannabe entrepreneur.

- Arunima Shekhar

W2E is an initiative which is really helping & encouraging people who want to become entrepreneur and entrepreneurs trying to make it BIG. I have attended few events and always found them worth. We at TestFormula  recommend every entrepreneur and wannabe entrepreneur be a part of W2E and benefit from the platform.

- Deepak Goel

When I joined the group, I just had an idea of starting my own venture. The group provided me a lot of support, motivation and the guidance from mentors and other group members which helped me realize my dream of starting my on venture Brainwrites.

- Mohit Thukral

Entrepreneurship is a tough game and we too faced a lot of challenges in starting up Invistore. The most beneficial aspect of a support system like W2E is that it keeps you moving. The group discussions, the framework etc. help find out solutions in those difficult situations and move.

- Rahul Singh

I had an idea, only an idea, but didn't know how to go ahead with that idea. With the help of the group, I found a co-founder within the group and we got our startup Packtup under incubation at W2E

- Manoj Thakur

As mentioned by Manoj, the group faciliated our coming together for Packtup and due to the support through the group's incubation, we were able to start our operations within few weeks, which gave us a huge opportunity to experiment and learn.

- Pravin Mishra

I would like to thank Wannapreneur To Entrepreneur for choosing me and my startup Scanova, the winner of their 'YouTube Contest'. I am extremely delighted

- Gautam Garg