HoodooApps is DIY app creator and marketplace for apps. The Platform allows creating mobile apps, without any technical knowledge.

What is HoodooApps

HoodooApps is next generation App creator providing online platform to create apps, with absolutely no coding.
HoodooApps is driven by simple CREATE-TEST-LAUNCH methodology, where user creates apps online(http://hoodooapps.com), test it on real device using our Hoodoo Instant App( freely downloadable from Google Play store) and Launch it either on our Playstore(Appaxy) or submit request to get it published across stores.
Appaxy introduces Apps 2.0, users access apps without installation, via Hoodoo Appaxy app.
Platform is highly intuitive & is suitable for everyone with basic computer handling skills to create apps in simple 4 steps.

What is Appaxy?
App-store for apps created using HoodooApps (http://hoodooapps.com) platform.
All apps are accessed without any installation, saving your device resources.
Major Highlights:
1. Exhaustive list of apps , with details about app creator, app functionlaity and UI
2. Search functionality to look for intended app. Search can be made on App Name, App- Code,Author & App description
3. No need to install apps; Load and use apps instantly
4. No limit on number of loaded apps
5.All used apps get listed under "Recents" for quick access in future
Uses "No Install" methodology for making apps more usable by saving device resources & time consumed in uninstalling not-so-useful apps.
Download Link: https://goo.gl/mV

What is Hoodoo Instant
It provides instant preview for apps created using Hoodoo Playground
Apps created online can be emulated for look-n-feel and Performance using App-Code and Preview Password
These credentials are attached to every app created using Hoodoo Playground
If you do not have credentials, get in touch with app owner or drop us a message at connect@hoodooapps.com, with the name of app. You will be granted access if the owner approves your request
click on GO PREVIEW to see real time preview of the app.
Download :https://goo.gl/HW5EDz

Early adopters:

If you find this startup interesting, be an early adopter and get the following privileges.

Lifetime Free License to use http://hoodooapps.com .
License allows you to create any number of apps and make it live on our playstore(Appaxy) or google playstore.

The license has addtional benefit of FREE PREMIUM SUPPORT, get your app created by our experts for FREE!!

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