Associate Product Manager

We are looking for the fellow entrepreneurs to build a new venture (to see my definition of an entrepreneur see my post Why I am (and will always be) an entrepreneur). The new start-up is being incubated under the aegis of a successful, multi-crore venture.

We believe that the job titles have limited utility, but they do play a role in defining and communicating core responsibilities. To fit our specific need we have named the position: Associate Product Manager.

APM is member of the core team and will work in close coordination with me.

Key responsibilities:

- Manage the product lifecycle for the product, from consumer insights through to launch and post-launch product improvements
- Develop PRDs (product requirement documents) for each product/function.
- Conduct market research, surveys, and meetings with customers/prospects to understand market need, competition, etc.
- Work with design and engineering teams to develop innovative and breakthrough solutions with a strong focus on cost, quality and performance
- Plan & deliver products which meet specified performance and cost criteria within development budget and timelines

Required Skills

- STRONG entrepreneurial bend of mind with skills to back the ambition
- We feel that you need to have 2-6 years of experience in product/project management, software business analysis or related fields to hit the ground running. However, we will be glad to be proven wrong with this assessment. So feel free to dazzle and surprise us.
- Basic understanding and keen interest in building and growing products in Internet and mobile space
- Proven ability to work in cross-functional environments including sales, marketing, business management, customer support and engineering teams.
- Small business/startup experience would definitely be a plus
- Open to travel internationally to meet customers, technology partners, etc.
- Strong blend of analytical, decision-making and creative problem solving skills
- Excellent written and verbal English communication

Why should you consider this position?

You will be working in close coordination with two accomplished entrepreneurs working towards building their next success story. You will join the venture very early in the conception stage of the project. So you will have the opportunity to see and contribute towards building the product and the business from the ground up. As the company and the product grow, your area of responsibility as well as professional skillset will continue to grow as the core member of the team.

We are open and willing to consider funding and incubating entrepreneurs to build their own dream after they have proven their attitude, aptitude and skills.

If you think you have the right stuff, Reach me at or +91 8750611761.

New Delhi
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