[Urgent] Need an Expert Lawyer/ Company Secretary`s assistance in Handling the Legal Matters of a Education Startup

I am looking forward to a Lawyer who can help me to safeguard my Startup company`s interest by Protecting it Legally. If you are a lawyer then make sure you understand this Startups working Environment very well. You should be well versed with the International online Cyber Laws, copyrights and other Legal Stuffs that we may not be aware about.

If you are interested in becoming the consultant for our Startup. Make sure you have done your homework Very well because based on our Short telephonic discussion which includes valuable insights about your Skill, experience and knowledge we will be finalizing the Consultant for our Startup.

If you are Interested- email me with your portfolio at (me@vevekgahatraj.com). I will close this opening within 72 hours of this job posting. If you have any queries you can contact me directly at any time. (9711116250)

Looking forward to hear from you.
Vevek Gahatraj

New Delhi
Requirement status: 
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