Looking for a co-founder with extensive experience in Web or mobile app development

We have a team of 2 as of now, working on an idea which pertains to the education sector. For the same, we require a web developer/mobile app developer to join us as a co-founder provided he/she takes a shine to the idea.
As a team we have experience in Business Consulting and Analytics and to complement us we are looking out for a third co-founder who can lead the Technology side of operations.

New Delhi
Requirement status: 
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Abhishek Gulia's picture

I am Abhishek. I am a marketing consultant and an entrepreneur also.

I also work with startups and have connections who can do it for you. Please elaborate on the concept so that i can connect you with related guys or else share a link of any related website. mail me at abhishekgulia02@gmail.com


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