How can a programmer acquire skills for running a startup?


A programmer knows how to develop a product but most of the times has no idea how to sell or market it. The least he/she needs to know is how to pitch a product to investors. How can one acquire such skills?


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Hi Akshay, the aspects like sale, marketing etc. about creating/running a startup are very much practical in nature. The best way to learn them is through your own and others' experiences. Try to be an active part of an entrepreneurial community (like W2E), talk to fellow entrepreneurs, attend events, share you ideas and learn from the experiences shared by others. And above all, you'll have to start doing it yourself. Some of the community members in W2E have actually created their startups like that only :-)

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Hi Akshay, Good question! I would say not just programmers but many of us need to understand how to sell or market the product or service we offer through our respective startups. As Yogender has pointed out, learning from community member is very crucial.

But, I would recommend a more fundamental aspect, that needs to be considered even before we start development/coding our product and that is "Is there an actual problem that my product or service will solve for my target customer's", if yes, then selling and marketing your product becomes natural and easier, you just have to highlight how effectively your product or service can solve the customer's problem.

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Hi Akshay

Both Yogender and Manish have given you sound and practical inputs. In today's competitive environment, the first important aspect for business is to understand and evolve on the problem area of the customer(s) or Target Audience. Second step would be to build a structure of yourself and the people who are / would be working with you on the Product / Service. Next steps will involve creating and understanding the business model, branding and other business requirements etc. Please remember, if I am not able to sell my product and do not have systems and processes in place, it would be very difficult to attract Investor(s).

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Read Startup owner's manual by steve blank..... you will get precise answer to you question.

I hope this help

keep smiling

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Hi Akshay

My approach to this would be to find a co-founder who share a similar vision but a different, complimentary skillset. Accept the fact that all of us have different capabilities and we should try and focus on what we are best at.


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Hi Akshay,
Having a good product is one of key requirement of business. You need to acquire sale and marketing skill, system skill and finance skills. Else, you should work with Co founders / hire professionals, who are skilled to manage these areas.

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