How To Start A Private Limited Company


These are closely held businesses usually by family, friends and relatives. Private companies may issue stock and have shareholders. However, their shares do not trade on public exchanges and are not issued through an initial public offering. Shareholders may not be able to sell their shares without the agreement of the other shareholders. Minimum 2 members are required for company formation.

Step No. Steps Processing
1 DSC Documents required Self attested: • Address proof • Identity proof
2 DIN Approved DIN is a pre-requisite for incorporation process Apply for DIN and get a provisional DIN

• •
Certification/Attestation of Director’s personal details Sending the same to the DIN Cell and getting it approve
3 Form INC-1 – Name Approval Six proposed name In order of choice.

Proposed activity to be undertaken by the company

4 Form INC-7- Application for Incorporation1) Education Qualification of All Proposed signatories to the MOA.

2) Attested address Proof of all the proposed signatories to the MOA.

3)Duration of stay at the present address, if less than one year then previous address also.

4) Contract No. of of All Proposed signatories to the MOA

5)Proof of identity and Residence of applicants.

6)Equity Share No./ Ratio of shares to be held by each applicant

7)CIN of companies in which the director is already a director / promoter.

8)Memorandum and Articles Last pages to be signed and written in his own handwriting by the subscribers.

9)Declaration by the professional involved in INC-8

10)Affidavit from each of the subscriber to memorandum in INC-9.

11)Specimen Signature in INC-10

5 Form INC-22 Application of Notice of office 1) Proposed registered address of the company

2) Whether the address is:

a)Owned by the company (Proof of the same) *OR*

b)Owned by Director and not taken on lease *OR*

c)Taken on lease (Rent agreement along with Rent receipts) OR

d)Owned by other but not taken on lease( Rent Agreement)

3) Proof of address (Telephone / Gas / Electricity / Mobile) not older than 2 months.

4) List of all companies registered at the same address.

6DIR-12 (Appointment of Directors)Affidavit by each proposed director in INC-9 and DIR-2 7 INC-21 Declaration for Commencement of business * Declaration that subscriber has paid their value of share.

* Verification of Registered office address in Form INC-22


If not filled the form -21 within 180 days and Registrar can remove the name from register.

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