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My venture ( is into corporate trainings, public workshops and Life Coaching and Executive Coaching. I am interested in knowing what are the ways and approaches to get training and coaching work from corporates.


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Hi Preeti, here are my two cents:
1) For corporates try to make a network with HR people from corporates, you can try attending HR related events and be a part of communities in HR domain.
2) For you public offerings, as the audience is from a wide range, you can offer some small free sessions. Recently two W2E membes Mohit (Brainwrites) and Supriya (Imagesmiths) conducted a session in some college in collaboration, such combined offering increase the scope of your entry and impact. You can explore more such collaborations to enter into different communities.

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Thanks Yogesh, I buy both your suggestions. And one thing more, I would like to speak about my services in one of W2E meets. Pls let me know whenever possible.
There are some agents and companies that provide corporate leads and charge their commission. If anyone has such contact details, pls share with me.

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