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Hi. I'd like to ask if there are any indigenous resources to have a brochure made. I am my product and I need to send a good looking digital brochure to potential clients.

I have the content but I need someone to put it in a good template, format the content so that it looks visually appealing. I contacted a graphic designer who was charging Rs. 7000/- per page which is way above what I can afford at this stage. Something like Rs. 1000-1500/- is what I'm looking for. Suggestions/ideas welcome.

PS: I did find a US based service (link below) and something similar in India would be great...


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Hi Rahul,

We provide a new and unique way of Advertising & Branding to start-ups on our own AD mediums which is highly visible, well accepted and a low cost solution. If you are looking for branding yourself, lets have a meeting or call us.

Pratik Mone

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We make exclusive brochures at a very competitive price, You can let me know your requirement and send it to and I can create a sample template for you if you like it then we can go ahead with the deal.

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