Would you like to find your hobby partner ?



How would you react if say that I am giving you an opportunity to find a person with similar hobbies to yours and you both can pursue various activities together in your own locality ?
Is it not good to re-connect with neighbours and find some common hobbies and live your passion once again ?

Please share your feedback


Sunil Sakhare's picture

That is a very good idea. It will help people come out from the Digital socialness created by Social networking "sites" leaving people with less confidence when facing the real people, Passion and being with nearby people was always there but these sites took away the socialness in us. If this idea explodes then it will be fun.

I would react saying ofcorse let me meet the new person who shares the same hobbies as mine.

Ishieta Chopra's picture

Its an interesting idea. How is it different from meetup.com?

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