Want help for start a new E-Commerce business


Dear Reader,

I have an idea for e-commerce business but i am not financial prepared to start it..
please tell how can i arrange money for my new business

i heard about accelerator, Incubator and investor VC ,,,,, are they help me and which one is better for me

please reply me or send mail on Yatinbhatia90@gmail.com


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Hi Yatin

Thank you for writing in. I am glad and happy to know that you have an Idea in the e-commerce vertical. I also understand that you don't have the requisite financial backing for the same.

As far as investment(s) are concerned, there are 02 ways in which you can attract people / investors to invest in your business / idea.

First Way
You have done your homework about the idea, have gathered and recorded adequate information in the form of documentation which clearly showcases the concept, how it can be materialized and the most important thing, the business plan, which should be logical, practical and achievable. Apart from that, the other important things that will matter the most will be your conviction, ethics, fair behavior and your positive attitude towards business / venture / idea.

Second Way
You do all the things mentioned in the "First Way" and you invest, build a prototype, run the prototype, generate revenue, prove your idea and its worth, prepare the next stage of achievements that you are looking for and then reach out for investment.

As far as Indian market and sentiment goes, the second option will give you batter chances for an investment over a period of time.

Karan Chowdhary

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Hi Karan ,

Thanx for your response please tell me about accelerator, incubator and VC also tell me how can they help me and how to get touch with them

And if I start business as you told me with my investment then how much money I need for my business ..... Give me a roughly idea

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Before you get in touch with the Investors / VC's, you have to document your idea and its relatives in detail. Prepare presentations to showcase your thoughts and seek guidance from the group itself. Once you are prepared to put across your thoughts / idea in a presentable manner, its only then taking the next step is advised.

As far as initial investment is concerned, it can only be ascertained once the detailed requirements / scope has been identified, recorded and evaluated.

Karan Chowdhary

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