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Hi guys,
So I guess this could relate not just to all the marketers out there but everyone. I have been looking at making good use of Social Media for my startup (due for launch shortly), and the thing that sticks out most often is that there is all this gyaan about how social media is good for you, how it helps engage your audience, then break into some statistics about it being great ROI for the long haul, mentioning the different social media mediums out there, how many users all these mediums have, all the way back to how its good for your business.

In my short span of research, I have come across very few, if any, posts that talk about what to actually do on facebook, or twitter, or google plus etc. Instead all I can find are their large numbers and some information (you can only use 140 characters on twitter... great).

As an experiment, I want to ask you guys if you have come across anything that remotely talks about actively creating a strategy on these SM networks, how should I go about making my startup stand out, some pearls of wisdom on not getting lost in the crowd. If you have please share it on this forum for everyones help. Meanwhile, i will continue my quest and keep you updated. Thanks for listening.


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Social Media is an open space where people from all walks of life come or connect with each other in some way or the other. It has become a virtual locality where people live with their thoughts, aspirations and experiences which they want to realize in their life styles. We have moved from the real world to a virtual test platform, where people want to test before taking a decision. From one way it has open a lot of opportunities of business, on the contrary side it has also created competition which has it own pros and cons.

It's the approach with which we enter this social media space to benefit for our business and offerings. You can get in touch with us for more insights in to the Social Media Marketing. Thank you.

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Karan, the main idea of these experiments is to work out things together, preferably at the platform, so that it benefits all, even the people who go through them as observers. So, any points things that you would like to share, directly here would be more useful for the objective :-)

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Karan I pushed this idea out because I wanted something insightful for everybody in the group. I am sure others have pondered over the same questions I am and kept doing the research. Our vision for the public incubator is help out each other in ways. I will get in touch with you, but if you have some insights for all of us then this "experiment" would benefit us all and not just me.

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Pranay, could you please put a little detail of the startup and/or the current status or steps you've already taken. e.g. if you have already create the FB page, twitter account, the current fan following on FB etc. It will help people to come up with more meaningful suggestions, cutting the obvious ones...

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Yogender that is a good idea. I have been working on a platform in the healthcare space that will try to help doctors and patients find and connect with each other easily. A key feature is video consultation, allowing both doctors and patients to have a home consultation if there is no need for a physical examination (followups, second opinions etc).

We should be launching it in about 6-8 weeks and I was looking to build a social presence for it now, which is why I was doing the research now. Just got a bit lost in the sea of articles hailing the benefits of social media. With regards to a strategy, I have a basic outline of what I want to do, and it will only be on facebook and twitter as of now. I am looking to develop some content but here are my hurdles:
1) My market is a bit hard to define - everyone is a patient so I would like to go beyond looking at my market as just the population in delhi that is online and active on social media. Targeting is very important in social media as well, so identifying the audience is a puzzle for me right now. Any help on that is appreciated.
2) Doctors form the other side of this platform and are notoriously busy (and with good cause). I am devising a strategy to get their attention.
3) I have tried to analyze the space that I am in with social media to find out what can help build a following. I know my product is not a kolaveri di, but my social media content should still be shareable.
4) Standing out - I alluded to this earlier as well. Social media is a great space for businesses, but extremely overcrowded. I am not after getting likes from people who will not visit or view anything after liking my facebook page.

Again a long post. Apologies guys. Any and all ideas are welcome and appreciated.

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Need help to get feedback on is a chat oriented personal information management tool, you can now manage calendar; notes; events; contacts; and morel from one application.
So, sign-up at and use it for retrieving and saving information you need to manage your daily life. Let me know, through email:, what you think after using it for couple of days.

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Hi Prateek, I guess you should start a new experiment, instead of putting your comment here in this experiment. You would be able to reach more people that way and of course you'll be able to solicit better comments/suggestions/feedback.

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Hi Pranay..Nice Idea. I was talking with one of my friend about his. My advice may sound strange and out of context but I suggest you can try start targeting offline rather than online first (you may be already doing it). Get some catchy pamphlets and paste that over Chemist Shops. You can even try posting these in Clinics if Doctor allows you. Point here is you need a customer base before expanding it.

Particularly related to online targeting, I would suggest posting you adword Ad on online medicine selling sites such as Healthkart and Yo Pharma etc (if they are associated with Adsense Network). Search for such sites (there are many local online Pharmacies across India) and visit their facebook page. People following them are your potential customers as they have already understood the concept of online Pharmacy - so chances are that they are going to understand and relate to your content as well.

Regarding content, hire some agency/person who can design interesting infographics on different disease areas covering what the disease is, how it is caused and whats the cure and some health tips (to get an idea, go a Doctor clininc and see the graphics designed by different Pharma Companies). People having the disease will connect with your content if it is informative for them, Post it on FB page..This content is easily shareable and people would like to share such things,,,,

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Thank you Manish for the contribution. Tracking online pharmacies is a great idea and i had not thought of that too much.

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