Validating a business idea in Travel domain

Hi All!

We are a software services company, and have recently come up with an idea for creating a product of our own.
This product is a website+mobile app built for the travel industry. It is a personalized shopping assistant on a holiday or a business trip, built to make souvenir shopping easy and designed to solve your shopping woes, when you are faced with the question of what to buy for each person back home.The target audience is tourists and business travelers. The search results are customized as per the user's criteria.
What we have done till now is create an introductory Facebook page. The page gives tips on buying souvenirs and the stores you can find them at. Currently we cover 2 cities - Jaipur and Agra, and we are slowly adding more. You can view it at We are also signing up Beta users for the product at (Please do sign up here if you find the idea interesting and would like to receive the Beta release).
We would love to have your feedback and comments on the concept and the way we are executing the creation. Any tips and suggestions are welcome as well.



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Considering you have chosen 2 cities, How will this work? When someone is in one of these two places, they log in to the site/app and check for things .. are the suggestions based on the person you are buying for? What are the parameter that you are asking the user to suggest gifts?
Are you planning to make money on ads or will charge the people the travelers buy gifts from?

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When the user is in a city, they open the app/site, enter a few details such as gender, age-group, interests, etc. of the person they are buying the gift for. The app works on a logic that combines this information with popular gift items (based on a review-an-item feature and if available) and displays the search results.
We'll monetize through ads on the site/app and also sell ad spots to stores for premium listing.

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