Tippi - New App for crowdsourced local wisdom - you want to try?

We have just launched Tippi to a group of 10 users who are testing it and reporting bugs. It's currently on Android but we plan to scale soon. You can see more information on www.tippiapp.com.

I invite anyone who would like to give a shot using the app. Just send me an email on ari@roadmojo.com and I will send you the link for the app and the details. If not too keen using the app but have some suggestions, still do email me or put your thoughts on http://tippiapp.uservoice.com/.

In short, it will give you tips about any place in the world and since its crowdsourced, any stale outdated information will be downvoted by users and any hot tip will be right in front of you.

You can also search on themes - e.g. #food, #nightlife etc to get relevant searches.

Typical use case - You go to a new city say Mumbai and just enter Mumbai and press search. It will bring you the top tips from the city. You can also sort on fresh tips if you want.


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