Need Advise on Brand Name Registration and trademark registration


I need some calrification regarding the Registration of Brand Name and Trademark. The name i am deciding for my fashion accessories business is already registered by someone in Italy. I want to know how can i check whether the same is registered in India or not. And if it is not and i go and registere it in India, what could be the future consequences we can face


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I have gone through this problem so I can offer you some advice. I am not a lawyer though so I think a lawyer may help you out with this much better if you are still confused.

The best way is to just change your name right now and file a trademark with that. It will save you loads of hassle later on. We are truly global now and chances are this name will cause you to write a few cheques just because it has become successful. It will be more painful then than it would be now to change a name you are attached to. So my advice is to change it now. Also the process of trademark takes very long, so you will be hanging in the balance for the entire time (again a headache you dont want when you are starting out).

If you need help with a new name, Shubham Shobhit from brand diaries is cool cat with that stuff and he is very helpful too. Ask here or Yogender and he should be able to put you through. If you just want to run the name check for india then there is a trademark registry in India website where you can check it out. However the filing is based on different sections so it will take you some time to go through them all. If you need any other help then just ask.

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Thanks Pranay for yoru reply. I will consider your points and will take the call accordingly.

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Hi Nishant,

Pranay has indeed shared some great points and the event on 28th June ( will shed more lights on the same topics, if you still need any specific advice, we can try to connect you with some lawyers associated with w2e.

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It would be great to connect with some lawyers. Please help me with the same.

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@ Nishant

You may contact Shagun Bhargava. She is a expert in the field


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Is there any possibility to patent or secure the business method ( marketing process if its new and unique) so that the competition will not be able to copy that ??
Any suggestions here .

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Yes Mohammed, I guess you can very well secure the marketing process also by patents etc. although proving the various patent criteria might be a bit more difficult in such a case...

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Thanks Yogender ,
I was just wondering , how much i need to invest in such patent and what would be the time frame to get it registered ?
Your insight will be helpful , Thanks in Advance.
Also do let me know,contact if any to get further advise on it.


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