Company Registration - DIY v/s Expert Help



I am planning to get a (IT Services) company registered, but with limited knowledge in this area I am wondering what would be the better option:


Seek Expert Help from so many lawyer firms who claim to get a company registered in 25 days with as less as 15000Rs fee.

What has been your experience?
Please share. Looking forward to listening from you.

Thanks in advance!


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I am running a 3 employee proprietorship concern/firm focusing on Technology based solutions and at this stage i don't want to get into too many complaince related matter hence i opted for this setup.
Speak to an practising CA and share your current business uptake and future plans. They can suggest which one to opt for. I mean Co or proprietorship

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The future plans and your current available finance would reallly help you decide which business entity to form.

A company is a more legal and formal status while proprietary concern is a more informal one and one easy to set up with less cost.

Buzz us to get more info :

CA Gaurav Mittal

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Thanks ramprakash, Gaurav.
I'll call you. Thanks for sharing your number.


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I am a practicing chartered accountant having office in Delhi. We are practicing in the area. Whatever the information u need, you can contact me at 9717105008 and discuss all the points.

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