Making people use the online framework

The online framework can offer a lot more efficiency and speed in making people help out each other in their startup endeavors, issues, challenges etc. But we as community (even as a nation) are a bit on the consuming side only when it comes to using online tools and hesitate in posting or working out things online. We are trying to inculcate this habit in W2E community members to start using the online framework. Suggestions are welcome :-)


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It is a great idea and an initiative towards business development in today's challenging times. It will provide an open platform to professionals coming from different backgrounds, verticals & cultures to share a common podium for learning, growth and development of not only their ventures but themselves too !!!

Thank you Yogender, for providing us new innovative ideas and platforms for our continued progress :).

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Thanks Karan, but what I indeed need is some suggestions to increase awareness in the community members on using this feature and helping out each other :-)

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You might have to grab a few of us and get the ball rolling... i think the the network effect will play out because right now no one is experimenting which makes it seem like its not starting up. I feel alot of us are waiting to contribute but what we need before that is people willing to ask.

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That's a great suggestion Pranay, in fact I remember we had similar talks before, couldn't implement it yet, my bad! Will soon get on it and talk to you also about it :-)

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Yes i agree with author's point. We need to make that so informative and explain it so moderately they can stick to that idea there and then. Speed needs to be channelized and should be sequence so that it looks like personalized story to them.

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Please make some basic links permanently & easily awailable like where & how we can register a company to create a business establishment, what are the legal points a business starter must know & things like these!, thanks

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Nice suggestion Saurabh, will be working on it...

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