Networking Techniques & Tools for Startups + Meet 'The Underage CEOs' Author

How would you go about connecting to a specific person (say a mentor or influencer) for your startup? How would you network with a specific group or community like investors or say a target B2B community of customers. Do you harness the potential of your Linked-in account completely. If you are not very sure about the answers to these questions, then the upcoming W2E event is here to equip you with techniques and tools to answer the same.

Also, the author of the book 'The Underage CEOs' will share with us his learnings and experiences gained from writing the fascinating stories about 11 young Indians who became CEOs in their twenties.

1) Networking techniques and tools for startups:

As entrepreneurs you would need to connect to a lot of people, at times in an organic way to increase your network and at times in a specific way for a particular person or group, let's learn some techniques and tools for that. We'll learn how to harness the full potential of Linked-in, how to use strategic emails (template, target etc.) to connect to someone and also how to gain the maximum output from the networking events we attend. And we are going to learn all the direct from the horse's mouth.

Speaker: Paritosh Pathak is India’s only Strategic Networking Coach, he has set up two successful networking platform, trained hundreds of business owners in the area of networking. Paritosh is a sought after speaker and has spoken at platforms like TiE Con, NASSCOM, he is Networking Faculty with Sunstone Business School. But what you really need to know about him is that he has added science to skill of networking which makes networking easy and profitable. To know more about Paritosh, visit

2) Candid Chat with Ganesh, the author of 'The Underage CEOs':

Ganesh a freelance writer and marketing professional, who has written for leading publications like Christian Science Monitor, Financial Chronicle, Spice Route, JetWings and Travel3sixty, will share his experiences and learnings gained from writing the stories of eleven youngsters who have set up their own ventures right after college, thereby becoming CEOs in their twenties.

3) Showcase your startup/ideas:

You can showcase your startups or startup ideas using presentations etc. for spreading the word and soliciting feedback from you peer entrepreneurs and get valuable suggestions.

4) Networking & Co-founder Match making:

We'll keep the co-founder match making as permanent feature of our events now on. The RSVP at the portal here will facilitate the process and we'll keep refining the process to make it more efficient. Moreover, you can use this section to network with the entrepreneurs from Delhi and Gurgaon.

NOTE: It is a paid event, every attendee will need to contribute Rs. 250 towards the charges for the venue and other arrangements. Please check below for the discount for W2E members i.e. the people registered here at the W2E portal.

Venue: 91Springboard Gurgaon
Plot no 23, Sector 18, Maruti Industrial Area, Gurgaon

Event Location: 
Event Date: 
Saturday, October 24, 2015 - 10:30


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How to do the payment
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Hi Roshni, the payment is to be made at the venue on the day of the event...
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see you with my team !
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