Marketing Demystified For Entrepreneurs & Wannapreneurs

Learn, network and win a fabulous prize worth Rs. 35000.
Wannapreneur To Entrepreneur & Tevortech bring this great mix of learning, networking and winning. We'll have sessions on marketing lessons including a session on 'Offline Sale Channels' by Amit Grover, Founder, Nurture Talent Academy, our Knowledge Partner. And a fabulous prize of an HD youtube promotional video package worth Rs. 35000 (check this sample) for your startup. Those who don't have a startup yet, don't worry, you can gift this prize to somebody or avail it later, it will remain applicable for next six months. You can participate in following two simple ways:

1. By attending this this event, or
2. All the registered members here are eligible for this prize. Not a member yet, you can sign-in using facebook at the top right corner above or you can also register directly. Hurry, you'll need to register before Sep 7, 2013.

The winner will be declared on Sep 16, 2013.

Here goes the agenda of the meetup:

  • Marketing Demystified: We'll talk about the fundamental concepts of marketing, how to devise and execute a strong marketing plan, ways to find initial customers, online marketing tools & effective use of social media etc.
  • Session on 'Offline Sale Channels' by Amit Grover, Founder, Nurture Talent Academy, the Knowledge Partner of WannapreneurToEntrepreneur. He will be talking about the dealers and distributors.
  • Startup Showcase: The members wishing to present their startups (or startup idea, if one has already started working seriously towards it) can use it to publicize their startup to potential customers/users and of course a valuable feedback would be complimentary. Those who wish to showcase their startup are requested to inform in advance, so that we can plan it better.
  • Problem Solving: People facing specific challenges in their startups can use this section to get their problem solved. The problem presented will be brainstormed by the group and the specific domain experts to find ideas and possible solutions.
  • Networking: In the end it will be open to networking. Go ahead and network as you please.

It's a paid event, each attendee would need to pay Rs 100. Check out other details like who all are coming etc. at the link give below.

Event Location: 
New Delhi
Event Date: 
Saturday, September 7, 2013 - 10:00


Mayank Batra's picture
What if i already have posted my startup.. Do i still get a chance to win this deal?? :-)
Yogender Verma's picture
Yes, Mayank, all the registered members on this site and all those who register before Sep 7, 2013 would be eligible for the prize. Also, posting your startup is not a mandatory condition to participate :-)
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