How to be a hustler entrepreneur: Hustling strategies for startups

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Do you know a very common question that investors ask the entrepreneurs, 'Are you a hustler'? The next W2E session in collaboration with DesiredWings is going to teach you how to be that 'Hustler' and get things done during the various stages of a startup journey as development, marketing, funding etc. Also a specific discussion on which all are the various events, incubation and acceleration programs that can be strategically used as springboards to take a leap for some key milestones. And not just that while learning these key lessons of entrepreneurship, you are going to make a contribution to a social cause, as the 100% proceeds of the session will go to the iOTA campaign at You can find details at

1) How to be a hustler:

So here you are going to learn how to hustle during the various phase your startup journey:

  • Hustling for development - what are the key techniques to get the MVP done and take it to the launch stage as soon as possible.

  • Hustling for marketing - How to get your digital marketing done with minimum resources but maximum output.  
    --Sandeep Amar (CEO of,, The,, ) 
    --Sunita Biddu (

  • How to use various events, incubation, acceleration programs to hustle for key milestones
    --Varun Chandra (
    --Mohammed Sirajuddin (

  • Hustling for funding - How to approach funding strategically and using all the possible alternate means. 
    --Shabir Momin, (

2) Networking & Co-founder Match making:

The RSVP at the portal here facilitates the process for finding your co-founder. Moreover, you can use this section to network with the entrepreneurs from Delhi and Gurgaon. You are encouraged to bring your wire-frames, prototypes and get feedback from a peer community of entrepreneurs.

NOTE: It is a paid event, every attendee will need to contribute Rs. 200. And all the proceeds of the event are going to a social cause, the iOTA campaign at DesiredWings mentioned above. Please buy your tickets here. 

Venue: Innov8,
Address: 69, Regal Building, Hanuman Road Area, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Event Location: 
New Delhi
Event Date: 
Saturday, April 16, 2016 - 10:30


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Please confirm the venue details.
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Hi Amit, it's updated now, it's Innov8 in CP.
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