Funding Landscape is Changing: You need to learn the new rules

As seen in news these days, startups have started downsizing, being acquired and even shutting shops. The funding landscape is changing and entrepreneurs will have to adapt to the new paradigm, which is not actually new but going back to the old basics. So, what are those basics, what has changed and how to adapt your mindset to create a successful, fund-able startup in the current and coming years. Let's learn all that in the next W2E session.

1) Funding - Learn the new rules:

Below are the broad topics we would be discussed in detail in this session, with the help of examples and case studies and a lot of valuable takeaways:

  • Understanding the shift in startup funding paradigm 
  • The change in the key factors (unit economics, CAC, LTV etc.) that would make your startup fund-able
  • How a small startup can prepare (documentation, the process etc.) itself to get funding
  • The funding trail: when, where, how to approach investors

Speaker: Vineet Sagar, Vice President - Venture Garage. Venture Garage helps SMEs and Startups raise funds, both Debt and Equity, through its extensive network of over 400 investors – Private equity, Venture Capitalists, Financial Institutions, Seed Funds, Angel networks and Individual Angels. Vinees is an analyst with experience in Trends Analysis, Business Research, Business Strategy, Market and Industry Sizing/Forecasting, and Valuation of the world’s leading blue-chip companies listed on the NASDAQ. He had co-founded serving the real estate market, find more about him here

Presentation & Resources:
The presentation used in the session is available here:

2) Showcase your startup/ideas:

You can showcase your startups or startup ideas using presentations etc. for spreading the word and soliciting feedback from you peer entrepreneurs and get valuable suggestions.

3) Networking & Co-founder Match making:

The RSVP at the portal here facilitates the process for finding your co-founder. Moreover, you can use this section to network with the entrepreneurs from Delhi and Gurgaon. You are encouraged to bring your wire-frames, prototypes and get feedback from a peer community of entrepreneurs.

NOTE: It is a paid event, every attendee will need to contribute Rs. 250 towards the charges for the venue and other arrangements. Please check below for the discount for W2E members i.e. the people registered here at the W2E portal.

Event Location: 
Event Date: 
Saturday, February 6, 2016 - 10:30


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A Startup Consultant and Corporate Law Practitioner. I am really interested in helping budding entrepreneurs to incorporate their startups and provide all kinds of litigation and regulatory compliances. Together lets start India. #letstartup #passionstartup CS Abhinav Agarwal +91 99900 61697
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I really want to attend this
i am so excited for this events
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I attend this
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I have to attend this event
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Hi all, please note that the instructions about how to reach the venue are updated above...
Prateek Gupta's picture
Who can present their prototype? Can you please specify the criteria?
Yogender Verma's picture
There are two things Prateek, as far as the presenting the prototype etc. in the startup showcase section is concerned, we send a mail to invite the showcase (a week or two before the event) and people have to respond to that. But otherwise one can always bring one's prototype and show it to the fellow entrepreneurs during the networking session and take their feedback.
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Hi Yogender, I missed to get introduce with guy who presenting Date analytic startup, I guess the 1st one, can i've his contact information pls? thanks
Yogender Verma's picture
I guess you are talking about Amar from Custtap, I've PMed you his details on your account here at W2E...
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Ok, thanks for the reply Yogender. Do get back to me know if you have slots available in the first category - presenting in front of the crowd. We have the first version of our product ready. It is a web application in enterprise communication domain.
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So, you mean the slot in the next event, coz, this event has happened on Saturday. We'll send invitation for the startup showcases for the next event in March. Please do respond to that...
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Great. Please use this email ID to send it - Looking forward!
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Hi, Push on B2B e-commerce, Open for full time / Contract / co.founder Tech, we're 2 now Email-
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