DIY Entrepreneur: Be your own Digital (content) marketer

In the early days of every startup a common problem that an entrepreneur faces is to generate content for the social media accounts, website blogs etc.; manage these accounts make regular and quality posts. And the result is that despite knowing that it's so important to utilize these content marketing channels for a startup, it gets' neglected. Let's learn how to generate content for a blog or social media posts, how to utilize freely available resources, how to create strategies that provide a continuous stream of content.

1) Being your own content marketer:

We will learn what the various approaches, techniques to generate content for a website blog or social media posts etc. or how to provision for a continuous stream of content for various purposes.

Speaker: Arunima Shekhar, a Digital Content Strategist and Marketer, who has nearly 10 years of experience in developing, designing and marketing technology and new products. Currently Co-Founder of a Content Creation Lab, Scrambled Works Pvt. Ltd., she has worked extensively with startups, helping them establish themselves through meaningfully placed digital content. A voracious reader and regular writer, she founded Tell-A-Tale, an edu-magazine, and is a guest blogger on multiple platforms.

Presentation & Resources:
The presentation used in the session is available here:

2) Showcase your startup/ideas:

You can showcase your startups or startup ideas using presentations etc. for spreading the word and soliciting feedback from you peer entrepreneurs and get valuable suggestions.

3) Networking & Co-founder Match making:

The RSVP at the portal here facilitates the process for finding your co-founder. Moreover, you can use this section to network with the entrepreneurs from Delhi and Gurgaon. You are encouraged to bring your wire-frames, prototypes and get feedback from a peer community of entrepreneurs.

NOTE: It is a paid event, every attendee will need to contribute Rs. 250 towards the charges for the venue and other arrangements. Please check below for the discount for W2E members i.e. the people registered here at the W2E portal

Event Location: 
Event Date: 
Saturday, December 12, 2015 - 10:30


Lokesh Parashar's picture
After selling betal nuts in India, now I have an opportunity to sell Indonesian coffee to USA. Working on it with excitement. Visiting USA in early dec. Would love to learn this mktg strategy at this event. Thnx Yogendra for making it possible for us.
Nishant Mittal's picture
Looking forward to it.
Swati Paliwal's picture
Looking forward to the meet. I hope it doesn't get cancelled
Ishan Kumar's picture
Finally, looking forward to the event.
Sandeep Bhatia's picture
Looking forward for the event
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