Creativity - A Child's play

Learn to be creativeChildren are often said to be more creative in comparison to adults. But, isn't it strange, because every adult has been a child once. Is creativity a skill that we lose over time? No, creativity is not a skill that can be forgotten. In fact, creativity is not even a skill; it's more of a behavior, an indispensable behaviour for any entrepreneur. 
Children commonly exhibit these behaviors but normally we tend to abandon these behaviors as we grow old and hence our creative ability declines. Let's look at couple of such behaviors and the ways to revive our creativity.

Create an idea box:

Remember, as children, we used to collect interesting trinkets and put them in a box. And then time to time we would open that box and play with those things with the same curiosity always. Some adults still keep that box of their childhood, but almost all stop collecting new things.
Interesting, unique and surprising things or information stimulate our minds and spur the creative thinking. Take the following steps to revive this behavior and you'll see a rise in your creativity, coming naturally:

  • Idea treasure box

    Create your treasure box again, start collecting interesting stuff Idea boxlike unique packaging boxes, your old gadgets (we'll see another use for them in a short while), a cutting of an interesting ad from a magazine or anything else that stimulated you when you came across it.

  • Your PC, your creative repository

    You can also create a virtual treasure box. Create a folder in your favorites or anywhere else in your PC and whenever you come across any interesting article, video, image or link etc., save it to this folder.

  • Creativity breaks

    Now whenever you need some creative solution to a problem or any creative idea in a given situation, take a break from that situation and go to your treasure box, real or virtual. Spend some time with the things there and come back to your problem. You'll suddenly see a rise in your creative ability and the chances of finding a solution or idea for your problem.

Make a habit of adding stuff to your box and if required you can get rid of some old stuff to create some space for the new things. Keep exploring your stuff time and again with different perspectives (Read here to learn how to apply different perspectives), and stay more creative throughout.

Open your toys to be creative:

Children often try to find out what is inside a toy, a box or a cupboard etc., they don't restraint their curiosity. When we grow old, even if we are hit by this bug of curiosity for something, often we assume some rational answer and leave the box unopened. Following are some tips to inculcate that behavior again:

  • Look into the box, to think out of the box

    Whenever you are going to discard some old gadget or a small Enhance creative skillstrinket into junk, try to break it apart and see what goes inside. At times it might give you some smaller more interesting stuff that you would like to add to your treasure box created above. Similarly, have you ever tried to open the hood of your car and look what goes inside, if not, try it now.

  • Curiosity is the fuel for creativity

    In today's world you don't even need to open up stuff physically to see what's inside. Just go to sites like howstuffworks or wikipedia and see what's inside the things around you or how simple things like an email, a cell phone etc. work. Develop this habit of picking one system, concept or device, once a week, and learn about its internal working.

When you open and learn about one system and the way things are arranged in that system coherently, it gives a lot of food for the creative muscles in your brain to create new stuff and ideas in innovative ways.

If you see the connection between these behaviors and your creativity, go ahead and try these techniques. If you don't see that yet, still we advise you to give it a try; you might soon start realizing the results. Moreover, it will bring the pleasure of discovering your childhood again. In both cases please share with us, how do you feel about it, in a comment below.


Saurav Shankar's picture
I think its a great perspective. Most people will benefit from practicing this. However, one has to keep in mind that being creative is not intellectual but mental. Train enough and you'll surprise yourself.
Suneel Jain's picture
Very good method to regain creativity... nice article
sanjay aggarwal's picture
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