Creating a Startup without an Idea

Create startup without an ideaSince the very first day, the thoughts of creating something of my own started settling in my mind, the thoughts were accompanied by a dire need of a very good idea. I used to think that I was not among those lucky chosen ones who somehow got an idea, did something around that and 'BANG' it was a successful startup and later on, an even more successful venture.

I used to regularly attend the events organized for promoting entrepreneurship and startups, where people would present their ideas, startups etc. And that would make me feel even more miserable about not having a good idea. And I would wonder that how come people easily get so wonderful ideas. But one day I came across a wonderful quotation which triggered a complete reversal in my perspective about the relationship of ideas and startups. The quotation said:

"Don't wait for an idea to create a startup, create a startup so that you can get ideas."

I started digging more about the possibilities of this newly formed conception and during that quest, I realized that I was absolutely wrong about the equation between an idea and a startup. I found that in most cases of the successful ventures in the history, it was not some lucky moment of epiphany that resulted into a venture, instead, it was the other way round. People started working on some gross idea and during the course, the idea got refined, adapted and many a times completely changed into an altogether different idea before getting converted into a successful venture.

Based on all those discoveries and experiences, I simply jumped into working upon a basic idea I had, soon it started taking shape into a startup. I thought of formulating and sharing this technique with others. It would be useful for the people who faced similar problem of not having an idea to pursue or the ones who are not convinced with their ideas and keep on refining and changing their ideas, instead of starting up. Here's the lowdown of the technique.

  • You can start by choosing some domain or industry where you would like to create something, for example, is it something online or offline, into retail or education etc. Making this choice would be relatively very much easier based on one's interests, previous experience or any other specific factors.
  • Now try to narrow down your selection into that chosen sector, for example if it is education, would it be for school students or some vocational courses after school or something for the working professionals. Don't worry about making a precise choice at this moment and just do a gross selection of some smaller area.
  • Now pick the first obvious problem or need in that area, again you don't have to worry much about the already existing solutions, competitors etc.
  • Now start working towards finding a better solution for the chosen problem. Analyze the existing solution's strengths, weaknesses; try to find out the unfulfilled needs of the existing users or customers etc.

You will realize that suddenly a number of ideas would start lightening into your head and given your existing momentum, it will be much easier to try, refine or adapt those ideas. If you give it a sincere try, only a couple of weeks are sufficient to get your startup started.


Anonymous's picture
Thats a good approach. Never thought from this prespective.
Diganta Gogoi's picture
This is fairly a realistic approach.
saurav sharma's picture
well this happened many times that idea changed after your startup or in between. well keep it up! Great article and I appreciate you to write this article. Regards Saurav Sharma
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Great article..I was thinking about an idea to plan my start-up but after attending one of the sessions by Yogender. I realized its better to jump into business straight away and then look for an idea to enhance the customer experience and solve the current problem in the Industry. Thanks to Yogender for his initiative and meet-ups I ventured into my travel start-up named doing the old traditional way of selling travel packages but still looking for a unique idea to improve the customer experience.
Deepak Singh's picture
Really Gr8 .. I am in same situation ...your perception giving me insight to jump into the entrepreneurial river
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