How To Find A Technical Co-founder For Your Startup

In a world where startup has almost become synonymousHow to find a technical co-founder for a technical startup, a technical founder or co-founder is an essential ingredient for a startup team. It's quite possible that an entrepreneur does not have a technical background and hence the hunt begins for a tech co-founder. But at times finding a technical co-founder could prove difficult than finding a suitable match for a marriage. Let's explore some simple ways to help you find a techie co-founder and we will also look at how to handle the situation until you get one.

Finding a technical co-founder

The more acquainted you are with a person, the better become the chances of exploring the possibilities to make him a co-founder. So let your search begin within your network. Post the requirement to your linked-in, Facebook and other social media accounts and let your network know what all you might be looking in your technical co-founder.

Then move to the websites that specifically help in co-founder search, create your profiles at websites like Startup WeekendCofoundersLab, Founder2Be and of course here at W2E too (you can search a co-founder here, and post a requirement here) . Again try to post your specific requirements about the technical co-founder, it would help screen the right people for you.

Let the options above work for you in an organic way and you can go ahead with a little more active search through face-to-face meetings and making individual requests to the relevant people. Pick a smaller set of more relevant people in your social network or your mobile or whatsapp contact list. Ask them individually if they are interested or they could refer somebody who could be interested to be a technical co-founder. A call would increase the chances of getting others' attention and possibly some reference.

Another area for an active search is the startup events. Try to go to a number of startup events like hackathons, startup weekends and others taking place in the entrepreneur community. Be quick and upfront in identifying and approaching potential candidates at these places. And again, do ask people for references for potential candidates.

Technical co-founder searchWhile you find a technical co-founder

It is very much possible that even following the above mentioned ways you might not find a technical founder as quick as you would expect, it might take few months. Does it mean that you should just keep looking for a technical co-founder and keep your idea in a safe box until you find one? The answer is no. Here are few things you can do in the absence of a technical co-founder.

Although you are looking for a technical co-founder but start looking for the possibilities of outsourcing your technical development to freelancers or development companies. Even if you don't go for this option in the end, exploring it would have some benefits. The immediate one is that you get a fair idea of the actual cost of the technical development and maybe a clearer understanding of the skill-set required for your development activities. It will help you sharpen your search of a technical co-founder and also decide the terms etc. once you find one.

In some of the cases the cost of outsourcing might come out to be within your budget and outsourcing the development could seem a better option than waiting for a co-founder for months. In case you don't find paying for development as a feasible option, there are some other ways you can still outsource your development.

There is a new breed of freelancers and technical development startups coming that want to work with startups not only for money but in the capacity of a co-founder. These people can be associated with you for a long or a specific term on a negotiable share of cash or equity or both. If you are indeed looking for such an option, there are people here in the W2E community also who can help. Try posting a comment to this blog or create a requirement here and these people can respond to you.


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