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Building a Startup Team: The Sooner The Better

Have you heard of founderitis? It's a disease found in startup founders and the most common symptom is a fear of losing control over one's startup. The result is that the entrepreneur tries to don multiple hats and do a lot of different activities, rather than building the right team for his startup. Let's see what does it take to make a great startup team and how to go about creating one? How to run a startup when the founder lacks some critical skills?

How To Find A Technical Co-founder For Your Startup

In a world where startup has almost become synonymousFind a technical co-founder for a technical startup, a technical founder or co-founder is an essential ingredient for a startup team. It's quite possible that an entrepreneur does not have a technical background and hence the hunt begins for a tech co-founder. But at times finding a technical co-founder could prove difficult than finding a suitable match for a marriage. Let's explore some simple ways to help you find a techie co-founder and we will also look at how to handle the situation untill you get one.