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Do You Need To Incorporate Your Startup?

Startup incorporationYou got an idea; you started working on it, maybe with some friends or with some hired developers or even alone. The thought of getting your startup incorporated strikes you occasionally but you don't really know if it's indeed required or not. Your confusion is right; there is no thumb rule about incorporation. The decision needs to take a lot of factors into consideration like the number of co-founders, the chemistry between them; is a startup making money, does it need investment etc.

Business Incorporation Primer

IncorporationGetting a startup or business incorporated is a critical decision for any entrepreneur. Starting from the very first question of whether you need or you need not to incorporate to what legal entity should be chosen for incorporating your startup, everything requires diligent planning. Here's a primer of the various type of legal entities possible and comparison of their basic attributes to help an entrepreneur choose the right legal entity for your startup.