7 Reasons Why Blogging is Essential to Your Startup

Content is the latest buzzword and a well maintained blog with good quality content can do wonders for your startup. If you are not convinced that your startup requires a blog, or are plagued with questions on how a blog for your website will help your business, read our 7 reasons why publishing a blog with quality content is crucial to your startup.

  1. Establish Authority – Publishing quality content on your blog, content that is related to your product/service domain is a showcase of your company’s command over the subject. It helps your company establish itself as a domain expert to the large audience connected over the internet. Innovative and meaningful blogs that add value to the reader’s intelligence help in establishing your company and a thought leader, such as the MongoDB Blog or the Etsy Blog. Publish the content under your team members’ name to add credibility.
  2. Generate Leads – Every entrepreneur wants his product or service to reach as many customers and consumers as possible. As of 31st December, 2014 there are more than 3 billion users connected to the Internet globally. Blogging is a great way to get search engines to notice your website and business, and get your product offering to the masses, in the process generating leads for your company.
  3. Audience Insights – The people who land up on your blog, the demographic data of your readers, the content on your blog that is most searched, the content which people like and share the most; if you are a product startup, all these provide valuable insights to your prospective customer base. If you are a services startup, this data provides you an idea about the services that are most sought after. A blog therefore lets you analyse your customer base without sweating it out (literally!) on, often expensive, customer surveys.
  4. Reach Out – A blog is a great way to keep your customers updated with the latest releases and latest product offerings. They can read or view (through videos), in near real time how your business develops and grows, helping them establish a better connect. Being a direct point of access, it can be used not only to push information to customers. A well placed and well thought out blog can act as an excellent feedback and customer support channel.
  5. PR Channel – So you have your product ready and are looking to get some PR for it. A well placed blog, with considerable traffic can be a great channel for PR if you can have it ready before product launch. Your readers, in most cases, will end up becoming your first customers. For a services startup, the blog is also useful to market service offerings. Most publications and media channels scourge the Internet for trending startups and entrepreneurs. A popular blog with effective SEO acts as a great discovery medium.
  6. Recruitment – A great blog brings together like-minded people with similar interests – technology, entrepreneurship, management, etc., making it an access point for your startup to reach out to talented individuals who can be potential employees. Instead of spending on an expensive recruitment exercise, hiring thus becomes more about connecting with talent.
  7. Share Information – The startup community is a community in the true sense. The ones who truly get ahead are those who joined the competition (or had the competition join them!) rather than fight the competition. If you have learnings in your domain that you can share with other entrepreneurs, then your blog is the best way to do it. Sharing knowledge not only establishes your company as an authority in that domain, it also encourages other entrepreneurs to share their knowledge, leading to mutual growth.

If at this point you are convinced that your company or product website should have a blog, but are wondering about what content you should start with, here are a few pointers. Your knowledge is your forte, so blog about those topics where you are confident about your expertise.  This will give you an idea about your reader base. Analyse this reader base to build the topics for further blogs. Closely monitored analytics is the key to a successful blog. Keep tab on your user behaviour to understand what your readers like and who your target audience is. Once you reach that threshold of understanding, your blog traffic will snowball, and so will your business.

Arunima Shekhar has 9+ years of experience developing, designing and marketing technology, and an incurable affliction of coming up with new product ideas. Currently she is co-founder at Scrambled Works - a creativity lab. In the past, she founded Tell-A-Tale, an education.


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