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6 Ways To Get Great PR For Your Stealth Mode Startup

PR for StartupsDo you think you should wait to begin building your PR until your product it out? Maybe not. You can and you must start building your PR even if you are working on your startup in a stealth mode, not to mention when you are OK to talk about your startup. Here are 6 ways that will not only help you market your startup before it's launched but let you do that without spending any money.

7 Reasons Why Blogging is Essential to Your Startup

Entrepreneurs keep looking for free and easy ways to increase the reach and exposure for their startups, yet they heavily underestimate a blog as a tool to achieve that. A well maintained blog with good quality content can do wonders for your startup. If you are not convinced that your startup requires a blog, or are plagued with questions on how a blog for your website will help your business, you must read this blog.

Have You Identified The Engine of Growth For Your Startup?

Startup growth engineScale or growth is invariably the holy grail of startups. But instead of just scrabbling to achieve growth, which often does not work, it is better to understand some important aspects of the growth engine for you startup and strategically plan out to scale up your startup. Let's borrow some of the concepts given in the book 'The Lean Startup' by Eric Ries and see how we can use them to help us understand the growth mechanism to be used in our own startup.

How To Use Growth Hacking Case Studies For Your Startup

Learn Growth hackingWe always admire and wonder about the way some of the most successful companies like Facebook, Youtube, Hotmail, Quora reached to the mind boggling scale in a very short span of time. A deep understanding of what these companies did and how did it help them go viral at such immense levels can help an entrepreneur use the same or similar ticks with his own startups. Let's see some of these most successful case studies and understand the lessons learnt from the growth hacking applied by these companies.