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Why Are Customer Surveys Important for Your Startup

Customer Survey

Entrepreneurs fall in love with their product idea, which is required in a way. But the downside is that they start creating a product to serve the idea and not the targeted customers. Startups mostly avoid customer surveys and when they do that, most of the times they do it wrong or maybe with a huge bias towards getting results that support their pre-conceived idea. A customer survey can provide a hell lot more insights about your product, your target audience and much more, read on!

How To Get The First Customers For Your Startup From Your Network

First customersWhether it's generating initial traffic for your website or getting users for the product offered by your startup, getting the first few customers is the biggest challenge that every entrepreneur faces. You might not have realized it but unless you are a reclusive loner, you already have a significant network to get some of your first customers. Let's see how to exploit your existing network to get some of your initial customers.

Marketing: Did you do your homework?

Market Price SmallEntrepreneurs see marketing as an independent and separate activity that comes into picture only after one has developed one's product or service and goes to the customers. They loose a good opportunity to prepare their marketing groundwork well before the launch. And then suddenly, at the point of launch, they find themselves bogged down by a number of things they are supposed to do to get their marketing on full throttle.

Customer Feedback: How not to kill your startup in infancy

Customer FeedbackThe ignorance of the customer feedback is a key factor contributing to the high percentage of failures of startups in their early years. Despite knowing its criticality, it is ignored or avoided by a number of startups and entrepreneurs. Let's try to understand those reasons and the ways to avoid them during the different stages of a startup in the early years.