Customer Feedback: How not to kill your startup in infancy

Customer FeedbackThe ignorance of the customer feedback is a key factor contributing to the high percentage of failures of startups in their early years. Despite knowing its criticality, it is ignored or avoided by a number of startups and entrepreneurs. Let's try to understand those reasons and the ways to avoid them during the different stages of a startup in the early years.

Creating a Startup without an Idea

Startup without an ideaThe first roadblock every wannabe entrepreneur faces is to find a unique idea. And this very first need keeps a lot of people from starting their ventures. But an idea is not at all and absolute necessity to create a startup. We'll learn a very simple approach where you can immediately start building your startup and find and refine your idea along the way...

An Innovation Tool: The link between obersvation & innovation.

Innovation ToolAs entrepreneurs when we take up the responsibility to innovate, we start focusing on something which doesn't exist. But isn't it a paradox; focus is something which is hard to achieve even for existing things and we want to keep our focus on something which doesn't exist. Consequently, most of the times we find it very hard to innovate. Let's see how to make it a little easier...

A structured approach for Idea Generation

When we are in a demanding situation, following some structured approach to find out the solution or generate some ideas is much more productive than letting our thoughts vaguely wander in search of a solution. We can quickly find new ideas, good in both quantity and quality, by providing a process to our creative thinking. Let us see a technique to do that...