Business Incorporation Primer

IncorporationGetting a startup or business incorporated is a critical decision for any entrepreneur. Starting from the very first question of whether you need or you need not to incorporate to what legal entity should be chosen for incorporating your startup, everything requires diligent planning. Here's a primer of the various type of legal entities possible and comparison of their basic attributes to help an entrepreneur choose the right legal entity for your startup.

Startup Legal Guide: 5 Agreements An Entrepreneur Must Know About

Legal agreementsBeing a startup entrepreneur we have to indulge into many things simultaneously. While we are caught up in doing so many things, we often overlook to safeguard ourselves legally. Legal implications could be very high at times, especially during the crucial period of your startup. Let's know about some of the very important legal agreements for entrepreneurs. These agreements would also create a base for future negotiations with co-founders, investors as well as employees.

Business Model: Do I Need One For My Startup or Idea

Business modelYou might have heard of the term business model many times before, and might not have had complete understanding of what it means. And this lack of understanding normally results in entrepreneurs not thinking about all the important aspects of the business model for their startup or startup idea. Business model is simpler than you think, let's see how; and decipher the various building blocks of a business model.

How To Bootstrap Your Startup

BootstrapWant to bootstrap your startup? It's understandable, most of the times it is not a choice but a necessity. In fact, bootstrapping is not limited to the startups having no funds. It is equally relevant to any business or startup which is aiming to maximize the output from its valuable resources. Here are some simple and easy ways and some advice that you can use while creating your startup on a shoestring budget.

How To Use Growth Hacking Case Studies For Your Startup

Learn Growth hackingWe always admire and wonder about the way some of the most successful companies like Facebook, Youtube, Hotmail, Quora reached to the mind boggling scale in a very short span of time. A deep understanding of what these companies did and how did it help them go viral at such immense levels can help an entrepreneur use the same or similar ticks with his own startups. Let's see some of these most successful case studies and understand the lessons learnt from the growth hacking applied by these companies.