Startups guide to design a Scalable Product

Scalability smallInvestors love products which are simple, innovative and scalable and that makes scalability of a product, a highly desirable aspect for entrepreneurs. But many of them have no clue or have just a slightly vague idea of what scalability in technological terms means for their product and what do they need to discuss with their technical co-founders or their product developers (in case they are thinking to outsource the initial development).

Nontraditional Ways to Fund Your Startup

Startup Funding smallStarting a business is difficult enough without worrying whether or not you’ll be approved for a small business loan. The government locked down funding options for entrepreneurs all the way back in 2008 and startup founders have had a lot of trouble procuring loans ever since. The good news is, there are now lots of nontraditional ways to fund your startup that don’t even involve Uncle Sam or big, picky banks.

Marketing: Did you do your homework?

Market Price SmallEntrepreneurs see marketing as an independent and separate activity that comes into picture only after one has developed one's product or service and goes to the customers. They loose a good opportunity to prepare their marketing groundwork well before the launch. And then suddenly, at the point of launch, they find themselves bogged down by a number of things they are supposed to do to get their marketing on full throttle.

Convert your business ideas into reality

Business IdeaAs entrepreneurs or wannabe entrepreneurs we need to understand that the best way to treat a business idea is not to brag about it. Instead, the idea should be tested on real world parameters to see its true business potential. Let's see some simple analytical tests to do such a validation. You can carry out these tests with a little research on Internet over a weekend. If your idea does not come clean on these tests, just drop it and move on to find a new one.

Creativity - A Child's play

CreativityChildren are often said to be more creative in comparison to adults. But, isn't it strange, because every adult has been a child once. Is creativity a skill that we lose over time? No, creativity is not a skill that can be forgotten. In fact, creativity is not even a skill; it's more of a behavior.
Commonly children exhibit some behaviors, and these behaviors give rise to their creativity. We abandon these behaviors as we grow old and hence creative ability declines. Let's look at couple of such behaviors and the ways to revive our creativity.