How To Get The First Customers For Your Startup From Your Network

First customersWhether it's generating initial traffic for your website or getting users for the product offered by your startup, getting the first few customers is the biggest challenge that every entrepreneur faces. You might not have realized it but unless you are a reclusive loner, you already have a significant network to get some of your first customers. Let's see how to exploit your existing network to get some of your initial customers.

Building a Startup Team: The Sooner The Better

Have you heard of founderitis? It's a disease found in startup founders and the most common symptom is a fear of losing control over one's startup. The result is that the entrepreneur tries to don multiple hats and do a lot of different activities, rather than building the right team for his startup. Let's see what does it take to make a great startup team and how to go about creating one? How to run a startup when the founder lacks some critical skills?

How To Create An Email Campaign For Your Startup

If you are a budding entrepreneur, you would definitely need to carry out a lot of email campaign in your life. And if you think otherwise, you are missing on a great tool that can help you conduct surveys, find out potential customers for your startups and do much more within your existing network of contacts. Here are some easy to follow steps that you can use to write effective emails and create an effective email campaign.

Lean Startup: Are You Building An Awesome feature That Nobody Will Use

Lean StartupThe lean startup teaches a scientific approach to creating startups that are able to deliver the products to the customer quickly and also use relatively lesser resources in that process. Let's try to understand some of the concepts of lean startup mechanism in simple language. Let's start by looking first at what you should not do be doing to create a lean startup.

How To Find A Technical Co-founder For Your Startup

In a world where startup has almost become synonymousFind a technical co-founder for a technical startup, a technical founder or co-founder is an essential ingredient for a startup team. It's quite possible that an entrepreneur does not have a technical background and hence the hunt begins for a tech co-founder. But at times finding a technical co-founder could prove difficult than finding a suitable match for a marriage. Let's explore some simple ways to help you find a techie co-founder and we will also look at how to handle the situation untill you get one.