How to Use Entrepreneur Networking Events and Meet-ups Effectively

Startup Networking

Indian startup ecosystem has come a long way from its days of infancy and may well be heading towards adolescence. According to a NASSCOM report, India is currently the 3rd largest base for startups with close to 3,100 startups.  This number is expected to swell to 11,500 by 2020.

In order to grow faster, budding entrepreneurs need to find out the right platforms to pitch their startups to investors, search team-members with the right skill-sets and support forums that can provide constructive feedbacks on upcoming products.

Networking events and meet-ups provide a much needed opportunity to entrepreneurs to build and grow their startups. These events are attended by…

Benefits of attended networking events

  1. Use it as a sounding board: You can bounce off ideas in these meet-ups with people from diverse backgrounds. There is a very high likelihood of meeting an expert in an area, of which you have little knowledge.
  2. Early adopters: People in startup community tend to help each other. It is very easy to find early adopters of products and services. Even if your product isn’t fully ready, you can request them to become alpha users. You can expect honest feedback which will help you improve your product before the actual launch.
  3. Find team members: These events draw a lot of highly skilled people looking for awesome ideas to work upon. If you are looking to build a team which compliments your skills, networking events is a good place to start. You may also find startups with whom you can partner or sign up as vendors.
  4. Find investors and mentors: A lot of angel investors attend these events, searching for promising ideas and teams. If you are not looking to raise funds, you can approach them to mentor your startup.
  5. Showcase your product/idea: One of the start benefit of participating in a networking events is that you get an opportunity to showcase your product/service. This can give a huge boost to your local presence.
  6. Speak on a subject: Experts are regularly invited to these events to speak on a topic in their area of expertise. You can speak at these events and establish yourself as an authority on the subject. This would also help in establishing the identity of your company. You too can volunteer to speak in one of the next events by W2E.
  7. Offer local discounts: You can offer your services cheaper to the participants in these networking events since you save on marketing costs which you can pass on to your customers.
  8. Building relationships: Attending networking events creates a personal connect which increases the chances of getting more business and more loyal customers.
  9. Local support system: The local events prove to be great support system for small businesses. The participating startups operate in diverse fields such as legal, financial, marketing and sales and are easily approachable. They have a better understanding of local laws and market. Getting support at a local level makes business sense for startups as these services are generally cheaper and faster.
  10. Boost your online presence: This one’s a bit self-serving, but worth a mention. W2E offers an opportunity to boost your online presence and connect with the local startup community online. All you have to do is to add a few details of your startup and you already have a presence in one of the most vibrant startup communities in North India.

Networking Platforms such as W2E, which have a balanced mix of freshers and veterans can prove to be extremely beneficial for startups. Older group members can provide the right advice whereas the newer ones can serve as a talent pool of people with brimming ideas. An ideal combination for successful start.

What are you waiting for? Be a part of an awesome community.

Arunima has 9+ yrs experience developing, designing and marketing technology. Co-Founder at Scrambled Works, a Digital Marketing and Creative Content Lab. Also manages Tell-a-Tale and blogs at StartupAsh.


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